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Emparity is a social venture that promotes sustainability, empowers women and educates children to eradicate poverty – all through custom, handmade tote bags!

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About Emparity


Our vision at Emparity is to promote gender parity by empowering women as well as their families and future generations through child education in a sustainable manner.


Emparity is a social venture which aims to tackle the issues of gender parity, poverty and sustainability through women empowerment, child education and custom, hand-made cotton totes.


Women empowerment, poverty and lack of education are global problems. Research over the years has shown that these three issues are deeply intertwined. especially in the developing world.  Given the recent indications that gender equality and education could change the face of poverty, there is urgent need to tackle these challenges in a sustainable manner.


Emparity supplies organisations and individuals in the U.K. with custom, handmade, cloth bags made by women from marginalized sections of India. Our profits are donated to fund a locally paired non-profit or charitable educational activity center working with children from impoverished sections of India.

To achieve this, we are partnered with  Hiraba Mahila Mandal (Anand)and Mahila Sashakti Vikas Trust (Ahmedabad)  which are non-profit organisations  working on women empowerment by providing access to vocational training and employment to women from impoverished backgrounds. Our Emparity totes generate employment opportunities for these women to apply their vocational skills.



Pahini Pandya

Pahini Pandya


Coming from a family of women leaders and their supporters who worked tirelessly towards women empowerment in India, it has been my lifelong desire to help people and make an impact.

This drive led me to pursue a PhD in cancer research at King’s College London followed by postdoctoral studies at the University of Cambridge. Throughout my journey as a scientist, I have explored ways to facilitate translation of research to the wider community through several leadership positions as the President, Innovation Forum (KCL), Vice-President, Cambridge Consulting Network and Committee member, Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge. This led me to my own tech venture which uses technology to empower patients and doctors for improving healthcare access.

To further my remit, I founded a non-profit, Emparity, to promote sustainability, empower women and educate children to eliminate poverty via sales of hand-made totes. I believe that progress can be made through a collaborative approach and seek to establish it in all my endeavours.


Sudhir Raju


I am currently a consultant services manager with several years of expertise in budgeting, planning & forecasting; business intelligence & reporting; data analysis; management consulting. I have a keen interest in improving global access to education and use of creative resources for educating future generations.


Paripsa Pandya

Communications Officer

I studied Economics, Psychology and English Literature at Sophia College where I majored in English. Given my love of writing, I worked as an intern with Times of India, and have written several research papers on advertising and regional cuisines in Bombay. Furthermore, I was a Koovs Style Ambassador and worked with Freakademics to promote free education. Outside work, my interests include travelling, reading and writing.